Easy for Brands. Easy for Customers.


We are a full-service resale partner, offering brands the technology to start their resale platform and the expertise required to grow it.


Typically, it takes 6-12 weeks to launch a branded resale program from our initial conversation with you. We can move as fast as your brand does!


Recurate has the capabilities to do both. Our technology enables your resale platform to be hosted directly on your online store - meaning your customer and product data remains within your brands’ ecosystem and is linked to your primary ecommerce platform. This allows sellers to access features like listing items directly from their purchase history. While most of our brand partners choose to embed their resale platform within their existing website, others have opted to have their resale platforms on separate branded sites.


Recurate currently works with brands in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia - and we’re constantly expanding! When it comes to your brand’s reach, our geolocation features enable you to include customers across your brands’ geography or in specific locations.


A peer-to-peer program is a resale marketplace (similar to Poshmark or eBay), where a seller ships their item directly to the buyer. This model is usually the most scalable for a brand, with minimal upfront costs and working capital requirements, and most favorable for sellers, maintaining the most value in the product. A take-back program is a resale offering, where the brand or a service provider receives inventory from sellers, processes, stores and ultimately ships it to the buyer.


Recurate can manage customer service for your resale platform. We have a full customer service team that can handle everything from listings approval to dispute resolution. Less than 2% of all listings are disputed.